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Closed events

  Are strictly for a certain group of people (partners, employees, press, etc.)

The stages of the event:

  • The formal part, the opening
  • The formal ceremony (ribbon-cutting ceremony, fireworks, etc.)
  • Speech by senior management, the presentation goals and plans.

Entertainment program. Usually consists of 3-5 variety turns, bluff tours, quizzes that are designed specially for presentations.

Open events:

  Held for the presentation of new establishments such as restaurants, shops, taverns, as well as products and goods. The emphasis in such presentations is on entertainment with a large number of competitions, quizzes and performances. Thus the main task is to attract attention of visitors.

  When preparing for a presentation our company provides:

  • Design space;
  • Development and production of Souvenirs with the corporate logo;
  • Press invitation for the subsequent coverage of the event in mass media;
  • Organization of reception;
  • Pictures/video;
  • Transport;
  • Show program host, musical groups, performance of pop stars, models.

  Thus, we provide a complete service package, from the selection of the place before the event with subsequent media coverage.

  In order to make the presentation as effective as possible, we select a location for the press conference and provide support information in the press, on TV and other media, generated press kits, direct marketing, writing a speech master, coordinate the performance regulations, develop anticipated questions and answers, prepare room, interior (branding), provide technical support for events (sound, lighting and video equipment), organize business, entertainment and festive program organized buffet controleren publication after the press conference stuff.

  Currently, in the business world when companies have an extensive dealer network and various interests in other States often have to deal with the admission of the delegations from Ukraine and countries near and far abroad. The holding of such events is difficult and responsibly. We take all the trouble of arranging for themselves, because we have all the necessary capabilities and invaluable experience.

  You only need to dial a number and apply for organizing a corporate event or invite a specialist to the meeting!!!